How to cancel service

How to cancel Accounts should be cancelled at least 2 months before the end of the contract (renews yearly). Requests for cancellations should be entered via the customer care center – menu administration – cancellation, or sent by postal mail or by fax. We cannot accept cancellations by email as we cannot confirm the sender.… Continue reading How to cancel service

Extra space or traffic

Charges on extra data traffic We all know extra traffic is possible. We like it too and we’re not likely to charge for it. But if it does significantly and continuously we might contact you and work something out. Just for the record: extra data traffic costs € 0,002 per MB per month. Charges on… Continue reading Extra space or traffic

Change ownership of domainname

For .nl-domains the following forms are needed for a transfer of ownership: SIDN Registrationcontract by new registrant SIDN contract to change ownership (or for multiple .nl domains) A photocopy of the details of the Chamber of Commerce of the new owning company or a passport copy of the new owner in case of privately owned domainname.   For… Continue reading Change ownership of domainname

Automatic drafting from your debit account

Automatic drafting from your debit bank account is only available for Dutch (The Netherlands) bankaccounts. The following form can be used: Machtingsformulier Automatische Incasso (PDF) (dutch language) Please fax it to us or email it to administratie @

international payment details

Below our international payment methods: ACCOUNTOWNER: HENSEL HOSTING BANKNAME: ABN AMRO CITY: AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS BIC: ABNANL2A IBAN: NL13ABNA0443520798 Payment is also possible via Paypal (Credit Card), see Our account is:

Customer Care Center update

In a recent modification we have updated the main page of the customer care center, providing more unity in the icons. See the result below: More screenshots of the customer care center

Server settings

Many open source apps need separate server settings (like etc.). Before the summer, this could be done by sending an email to support. Many users have already noticed the feature already as it seems to be used a lot. Safe mode, magic quotes etc. They are all easily set via the customer care center.… Continue reading Server settings

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