Lost Username or Password

Customer Care Center password If you lost the password for the Customer Care Center you can get a new one via the link at the bottom of the login page at http://www.managedomain.nl/ FTP password You can reset your FTP password via the Customer Care Center. Login, then click on the domain, then choose FTP in… Continue reading Lost Username or Password

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How to use the Hensel Hosting REST API

We recommend using curl for testing out the various features that the REST API offers. We have created a small wrapper for PHP to get you started quickly. Authentication is managed using HTTP authentication. Every request must include the Authorization HTTP header. A basic request to the API looks like this: curl – u username:password URL A… Continue reading How to use the Hensel Hosting REST API

FTP troubleshooting

Do you get files with 0 bytes after uploading? Perhaps your webspace limit is reached. Try removing some unused files, or consider upgrading to a larger plan. Contact support for any questions or help with cleaning. If you run into problems, try turning on “passive mode” In Filezilla, you can find it via Edit –… Continue reading FTP troubleshooting

How to setup FTP

To upload files from your computer to one of our servers you have to use an FTP client. There are many (free) FTP programs, for example Filezilla (Windows/Linux/Mac) or Transmit (only for Mac). Find and install one of them. Below, we show you have to configure the FTP client FileZilla, but configuration of other FTP… Continue reading How to setup FTP

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