Global AnyCast DNS Servers

If your website is your business or a very important part of your business, you want to optimize every part of the experience. Our Global AnyCast DNS gives you unmatched performance and security.

“What is DNS? DNS functions as an authoritative Internet’s phone book, mapping human-readable hostnames like example.com into machine-readable IP addresses to connect end-users with their websites and other applications.”


By default, you’re most likely using our DNS servers or those from another domain registrar and every request sent will go to their DNS server to find the IP address for you. DNS queries through ISP’s are vulnerable to attacks as it does not always use strong encryption or support DNSSEC.

While most often we focus more on the speed and performance, we often overlook the importance of stability, security and resilience of the DNS — especially against DNS attacks with various end goals in mind that put your privacy or business at major risk.

The good news is we now offer Global AnyCast DNS Servers, resilient against attacks. It will soon be added as a new function to your control panel, but you can already request it via support. With one click, it will take all DNS settings and import them into our new premium AnyCast DNS product.

Why Switch to our Global AnyCast DNS Servers?

Global AnyCast DNS, ensuring DNS queries are answered quickly and locally – with over 80 points of presence and counting!

Robust and scalable DNS infrastructure with multiple POPs from Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

Dedicated per-TLD nameserver IP addresses

Guaranteed 100% SLA

Full IPv6 support on every PoP

Enhanced protection from cyberattacks on the DNS

DNSSEC support across the network

World-class DNS performance

Free set-up

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