Website Down?

Hensel Hosting checks all servers and systems 24/7 to make sure all services stay up all the time.

Do you think your website is down? Please follow these steps:
  1. If you have a web designer or developer, contact them to ask if they’re working on the website. It's possible that your website is down momentarily while new files are being uploaded by your designer.
  2. Are other websites working well for you? Check if your website is not just down for you. Because your internet connection or wifi could have an issue. Visit Down For Everyone Or Just Me to check this (or visit alternative websites that do the same).
    1. Down for everyone? — If your website is down for everyone, we are probably already fixing the issue. You could try again in a few minutes. You can also send us a message.
    2. Down for you only? — If it's only down for you, it's possible that your IP is blocked by our firewall, but everyone else can still see the website. See Blocked by our firewall for more information.

Blocked by our firewall?

This can happen if your computer makes too many requests, for example checking email with the wrong password, or trying to login to WordPress with the wrong password could trigger a security issue and a block of your IP. We block these requests for your security. But in case it has blocked your IP, we can solve this easily. Click the button below to unblock your IP. In the meantime, you can use another wifi, or use the internet from your phone. In case of a wrong email password, please try to make sure your email client stops trying, as it could block your other IP's as well.

Blocked by our firewall?

Did you visit Down For Everyone Or Just Me to be sure?