Why Hensel?

Why choose Hensel Hosting?

1. We support webdesigners: because we host and are developers ourselves, we can better support you!

2. Support around the world: USA, Asia, Europe 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

3. The most easy to understand Control Panel, because we develop this in house and can give webdesigners what they need, for them and their customers.

4. Constant Innovation: basecamp integration, Restful API and your own orderform. Our lab is playing with a lot of stuff that can benefit you.

5. We want to do good, we sponsor good initiatives and use green and solar energy.

6. We host dutch government websites. They have tested us before they became a customer.

7. We custom host the internet registrations for an American TV show for one of our customers with over one million hits per hour

8. We host over 5000 websites for more than 1500 customers.

9. Many talented webdesigners choose us and they are amongst the most critical users

10. We are in business since the year 2000 and still fast growing ever since. We get most customers through word of mouth. Thank you!

11. You will get personal service from the people you know, you will never be a number.