Transferring your domain can be done in a few easy steps.
You can enter your domain in the bar below and order the plan you need. If you don’t know which plan you need, you can check our plans here.

After your order, you will receive an email with what to do next.

You can also ask us to manage your domain transfer for you. We will take care of the copying process, install your databases and files. You can mention it in the comments when you check out your order.


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Next Steps

Cancel at your current provider

Talk to your current provider and tell them that you’ll transfer your domain. Ask for the AUTH/EPP Code and ask them to UNLOCK the domain. To initiate the transfer, we’ll send you a link and you’ll need to have the AUTH/EPP code to start the transfer.

Note: Never cancel your domain and register again with us! This process takes much longer, can be very costly and there’s a huge chance that someone else claims your domain (automatically) right away.

When you want it

You can start the transfer, when you are ready. Most customers like to first set up their website and email, before starting the transfer. Therefor we provide you with the controls to start the transfer (or wait).

Duration transfer

In most cases, an email is sent to the owner or administrative contact of the domain (according to the whois register). After approving it can sometimes take up to 5 working days before the transfer is completed.
When the transfer is completed, it can still take 24 hours before the new server is receiving all the requests.

Will I stay the owner of my domains when I transfer them to you?

A domain that’s transferred to us, only changes registrar. You will stay the owner.

What are the costs for a domain transfer?

There are no costs for domain transfers.