Secure FTP (FTPES/Explicit TLS)

Hensel Hosting is introducing FTP (FTPES/Explicit TLS) for all webhosting customers. This will allow a secure encrypted connection to upload and download files to and from your website. This will make it virtually impossible for third parties to intercept passwords or sensitive data files. This is especially important in public area’s (eg. WiFi hotspots). The standard FTP is not protected against eavesdropping.

We will still support the standard unsecure FTP connections. To use FTPES/Explicit TLS you will probably have to make some changes to the profile settings of your website in your FTP client. Please look below for a video manual on how to do this in a popular FTP client “FileZilla”:

and another popular FTP client “Transmit” (Mac OS X):

Any feedback is welcome!

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