Privacy Statement


3.1 ‘HENSEL HOSTING’ is bound, as service provider, to abide by the following rules:
o) to ensure operation of the system Internet connections;
o) to ensure the saved data security.

3.2 ‘HENSEL HOSTING’ cannot guarantee a trouble-free access to the system and cannot guarantee, either, the operation of the system Internet connections, nor the unlimited use, at any time, of ‘HENSEL HOSTING’ services.

3.3 ‘HENSEL HOSTING’ shall not look into the contents of personal e-mails and/or customer information and shall not disclose them to a third party, unless ‘HENSEL HOSTING’ is bound to take such action by the law or by a court ruling, in case the customer acts or is suspected to act contrary to the provisions of article 4.2 and/or 4.3 of these general terms. ‘HENSEL HOSTING’ largely described this policy in a special privacy statement. This is posted on the ‘HENSEL HOSTING’ website.

More and more people are concerned with the protection of their privacy. Nevertheless it is not easy to describe the exact meaning of privacy. According to the dictionary it is the opportunity for people to be able to be alone, to be able to evade disturbing influences from the outside world. Another description describes privacy as the basic law for protection in personal life. The right for privacy seems very normal. In the ‘real’ world you can go somewhere else to talk in private. On the internet privacy is less and less controlable.

If a customer visits a website or sends an email, we transport information that can be quite private. Privacyprotection stands for quality. Hensel Hosting regards private information as very personal and guarantees you that via our common terms. Hensel Hosting will not provide customer data to third parties, except when forced by applicable law. The personal data of the customer will be published in the whois-database. Hensel Hosting is obliged to enter some personal data to register a domainname in the name of a customer. The customer can choose to register the domainname on the account of Hensel Hosting. This must be stated clearly when ordering a domainname.

Hensel Hosting regards e-mail no different than normal snail-mail and thus applies the same mail secrecy.

Hensel Hosting will not handover the customer database to third parties. Hensel Hosting will inform its customers clearly and in advance if and what data needs to be given to third parties. The database is only used within the Hensel Hosting organisation to perform normal (administrative) tasks.

Of course you want to know how Hensel Hosting handles your personal data. If you buy one of our services, you provide us some of your private or company data. We ask you for specific data because Hensel Hosting needs it to fulfill for example the registration of your domainname. The reason for asking your mobile phone number is that we are able to contact you sooner if there are problems regarding your website for example.

Email stays on our server as long as it is not removed by the customer, but Hensel Hosting will not in any way read the contents of the email on the server, as guaranteed by our common terms. Hensel Hosting does make backups, to be able to recover files including your email in case of a dramatic failure. Everything you do on the internet can be recorded by third parties. Hensel Hosting has no influence on these third parties whatsoever. In a chat every person chatting can create a logfile and record everything that’s said in the chat session. A posting in a newsgroup can be archived in a public archive like dejanews. An email you send can be archived by the recipient. Owners of a website can archive and analyse your visit to their website.

Hensel Hosting keeps the technical logfiles. Hensel Hosting needs this data for internal company processes. Furthermore Hensel Hosting keeps track of the amount of data each website generates.