Rob van Zoelen
Van Zoelen’s Recruitment College

Service by Hensel is ‘like a summer breeze’, just obvious and just good and therefor extraordinary. My questions were answered quickly and well, I even got extra service where they configured my database. Try that with another provider and they’ll refuse. In short, with Hensel our domain has found a great home. For us Hensel has earned a trophy and we hope that they’ll continue doing this for many years to come!

Sanne Roemen

Of course there are also providers that CAN do well, altough I did not make a list. Because I quit searching when I found one that does well, that is always ready for you, that communicates nice and friendly, is service oriented and always prepared to give a little more. Yes, this is shameless promotion, but I think they’ve earned it. (and I do not get money for this). So if you want to make sure you’re in good hands, go to Hensel Hosting. That is smart.

Ariane Gordijn, CA Editors

I do not own any stock, but I am also very pleased with Hensel.
Good service and a quick reply to every question. They think with you in search for the best solution and help you also with things, where another provider would have given up a long time before, because it is not “their responsibility”. Besides not one of my clients sites has been offline, as far as I know.

Johan Wachtmeester

I used to register many domains with another host. Then I got in contact with Hensel Hosting and have stayed every since, because of very friendly pricing, fantastic service and exceptional quality. The entire hosting of domain names has been managed by them. Besides, Hensel Hosting has a very good level of accessibility and is always willing to do something extra; they also have a fast follow up on their support. In the meantime, I ordered a lot more domains and the price, service and quality have remained great, considering that their products and possibilities are constantly evolving. Hensel Hosting: thank you and everything is and will be OK!!!

Herman Assen

Super! Since 2001 we have had our own Internet page. www.grotemaatschoenen.nl. Since 2002 this site has been hosted by Hensel Hosting. From that moment on, we stopped receiving any complaints from our site visitors regarding the operation or downtime of our webpage, contrary to our previous experience when we tried partnerships with various other providers. Besides, we get answers to queries from our customers very quickly. Changes in installations or opening of new e-mail accounts can very easily be made by us via the user friendly ”customercare-center” tool. We are very satisfied and completely trust we will also be in the future.

Hans J. Kloosterman, CEO RetailSelect

Hensel Hosting is a trustworthy, serious, innovative, customer- and full service- oriented company. Many fields of business encounter difficulties during this period and may ensure their economic survival only by providing an adequate quality, rapidity and service standard, plus an innovative spirit. RetailSelect (a fashion recruitment and selection company) is successful owing to the support provided by Hensel Hosting.