Turn Your Unused Domain Name into a Profit Machine

If you’re one of the many people who have one or more unused domain names just sitting around, then you really need to start taking advantage of the potential revenue that these domains could be making!

Anybody can utilize their unused domain(s) to create some nice profit-generating opportunities with the help of a free blogging platform called WordPress. WordPress essentially allows you to quickly develop a fully-functioning blog-style website within a couple minutes, and create/manage content using a simplistic interface. Regardless of your previous experience using this particular platform, you can learn to navigate it and be up-and-running in no time at all!
Initially, your main focus with your WordPress blog should be to provide informative or useful content which readers can benefit from. In other words, you are using your domain as a direct source of information which others can access, and that you can profit from in the future. So remember that first and foremost, content is king. Creating highly-useful and reader-friendly content is the first step into creating your niche profit machine.

After establishing a good amount of useful content on your WordPress site on a regular basis, search engines will start to take notice of the great information you’re providing. This will allow you to get “indexed” and eventually “ranked” within their search systems. This is the main way that you’ll be receiving visitor traffic to your website in the future to generate profit from.

Once the ball is rolling and traffic is coming through to the website, it’s time to start monetizing your content. One of the easiest ways to do this is through Google’s AdSense contextual advertising solution. Using AdSense, you’ll be able to place advertisements on your website and around your content. Anytime a visitor clicks on one of these links, you will make some money!
While it may take you a while to start generating revenue which you consider significant, it IS possible. Every little bit adds up. Besides, it is far better to create some revenue (even a tiny bit) using your unused domain(s), than none at all. So take advantage of this opportunity, instead of letting your domain names rot in their accounts!

To help you get started in profiting from your unused domains, here are a few key points you’ll need to understand to begin:

If you already have a domain name registered with us we’ve made it easier than ever to get started. You can now upgrade your registered domain to a full hosting package in just a few easy clicks.

After you log in to your Control Panel, select which domain you would like to upgrade from the list and click the upgrade button.

On this pop-up screen you can select your hosting package. Select from Professional or Small Business and then hit next. You’ll see one final screen confirming your purchase and then the transaction will be completed. Congratulations! You have just upgraded your domain to have web hosting. The next step is getting WordPress up and running and you are on your way to monetizing your domain!

Again, Once you are in the customer care center just select the domain you wish to get WordPress running on and then click on the “One Click Installer” link.

Here you will see the screen that gives you a couple simple options for your WordPress installation. Unless you know why you would want to run it in a sub directory feel free to ignore this. Please double check that you are installing it on the right domain name, so be sure you have selected the right one from the list. After you click ‘install’ you are almost done. Just allow a minute for the WordPress installer to run and then visit your domain to complete the installation by filling out the title and continue to receive your login. If you check out the website, you should see something like this:

This is the default theme that your new WordPress site will use. It is fairly plain but very functional and you can customize it pretty easily with some pictures and of course – your amazing articles. If you would like to explore some more possibilities for the look and functionality of your WordPress site this is a great place to start: http://wordpress.org/extend/. You’ll find thousands of themes and plugins to customize your site and to help you start making money with your domain.

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