Massive Security Breach on Website Passwords have Surfaced Online

Google alerts users that billions of passwords and hundreds of thousands of username and password combinations have been hacked.

In February of this year, Google launched a new Password Checkup Extension for Chrome. Warning sign appears every time you log into a website using one of over 4 billion usernames and passwords that have already been exposed by a major hack or breach.

The free Password Checkup software can be loaded onto Google Chrome and lets you know if your account details have been compromised in a cyberattack or data breach.

In a statement from Google. “Since our launch, over 650,000 people have participated in our early experiment,” Added, “In the first month alone, we scanned 21 million usernames and passwords and flagged over 316,000 as unsafe—1.5% of sign-ins scanned by the extension.”

Internet experts are now urging users to check if they’re using tough passwords that haven’t already been stolen.

Steps on how to verify your password 


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