Founded in 2003 as a traditional company with office and good coffee, Hensel Hosting slowly changed into a “Digital Nomad” company, so both founders and team members can pick their own place to work. Which is why everyone is now scattered around the world, and we’re able to give superb support around the clock. That digital freedom is what you notice when you talk to our motivated team.

Rutger Hensel


Rutger has a big passion for software, does a lot of sports (mountain biking and fitness) and lives currently in Asia. He is also often in The Netherlands and California.

Did you know: Rutger was an airline pilot with KLM for 8 years?

Robert Hensel


Robert was born as a sysadmin and then specialized in web-security. He has a Masters in Information Sciences. As a Digital Nomad he travels around the globe, but he’s mainly in Asia.

Did you know: Robert is also a Muay Thai boxer and drinks his coffee black only?

Marieke Hensel


Marieke is Marketing manager and loves board games, she has quite a collection! She has lived and worked in Brazil and United States.

Did you know: Marieke is an expert in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing?

Luuk Hensel

Marketing & Sales

Luuk is responsible for Sales and lives in Amsterdam. He studied hotel management in Amsterdam and The Hague and worked in France and United Arab Emirates.

Did you know: Luuk loves traveling and speaks Spanish and French?