We have decided to go Facebook Free

Hensel Hosting is a Privacy, Security and Speed focused business. We take pride in providing high value and customer satisfaction and making sure that the data you have provided and entrusted to us is in good hands.

Although Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide and is used by over 2.7 billion users, comfort and ease of access do not necessarily equate to security and privacy. And with privacy scandals surrounding Facebook, such as collecting and giving away data, we have to say good bye 👋

So we deleted all Facebook and related accounts, which include Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger.

It also means, we will no longer buy ads on Facebook, and not implement Like buttons or Logins via Facebook.

How about Twitter?

We’re still on Twitter, that is not to say Twitter is perfect. But as far as we know, they have not crossed the line as far as Facebook did.

So where can you still find updates about us?

If you’d like to stay up to date, we regularly post on our blog, Twitter and send out an email newsletter a few times per year. You can also contact us the regular way, by sending us an message via support.henselhosting.nl/contact

Here’s the 100% Facebook Free badge, created by Basecamp, and it links to their own blog.

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