Mozilla Firefox 85.00 is Here!

The popular open-source web browser Mozilla Firefox finally released version 85.00. With significant updates including the much-awaited major privacy enhancement called network partitioning.

Check out the major improvements and what’s been added and changed for the latest Firefox 85.00.

What’s new?

  • The Adobe’s popular software Flash Player is no longer supported by Firefox 85. “There is no setting to re-enable Flash support,” Mozilla bluntly said.
  • Firefox now has support for network partitioning – an anti-tracking feature that restricts supercookies. It protects your online activities against cross-site tracker that stays hidden even after you clear cookies.
  • For the bookmarks lover, Firefox now remembers your preferred location for saved bookmarks, displays the bookmarks toolbar by default on new tabs, and gives you easy access to all of your bookmarks via a toolbar folder.
  • Firefox’s added an option for the password manager to remove all saved logins at once and saves you the hassle of having to delete each login individually.

For avid users of Mozilla’s Firefox browser, you may download the latest version of the browser here.

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